If you ever wanna know what a creative person’s mind feels like

what a creative person’s mind feels like imagine a browser with 2,857 tabs open all the time.

Welcome to my creative world. Often loud, sometimes quiet, most of the time messy. Sewing one day, music the other day, whole weeks of painting and drawing or writing. However always analytical at the same time. What sounds like a lot of contradiction just describes me as a person.

After graduating with a bachelor of arts in business administration (with focus on financial analysis/ management accounting and supply chain management) I started studying fashion design combined with a technical training in dress making, constructing and cutting patterns and textile technology. Just to work as a finical analyst again right after the birth of my first son.

Do what you love

My interests as a designer always were doing what no one else does. The very special bridal dress no shop sells as it is not trendy, practical children’s clothing (fitted to help daddy dressing the small ones), plus sizes for curvy women (as I am one myself). And especially everything between historical, steampunk and vintage.

I love the arts, I love drawing, watercolors and airbrush (especially on walls) and I play the clarinet, the saxophone and started learning the Great Highland Pipe – and I always want to do what I am actually not doing right now.

and love what you do

When my second son was born in 2015 I decided on starting my own small label for children’s clothing – and continued with it when I was part time employed in my former job as a financial analyst. But as I always want to move on I applied to a new job – financial analysis as well with lots of things to learn like more about Business Intelligence, developing a multi-level contribution margin accounting system I am not able to maintain an own shop while being creative and of course working and studying – so I will concentrate on this blog showing you all aspects of me and my work. You will still find my artwork on etsy  for sale – and who knows what the future might bring… Please come into my world and enjoy my works – whether arts, design, clothing, cosplay or maybe music.

Be blessed,