Animal friends

Animal friends

After having spent a day “Back in the UK” with my last post of #borrowedmemories, this post is about animals.

My family shares our home with 5 animals, 2 dogs, 2 cockatiels and a turtle. We live in a small village with nearly more animals than inhabitants. Our village is surrounded by a bird sanctuary. But as we are about 250 km away from the coast we are more likely to see crows and buzzards.

Mine, mine, mine

Remember the seagulls of Finding Nemo? I really must admit that I am at once in a good mood whenever I see a seagull now. So it was really easy to decide which photo or post I would use for my sketch of Chittaranjan S Shetty’s blog Curious Point.

Chittaranjan S Shetty is an engineer living in Mumbai. His blog is about Life struggles, Inspirational, Sports and all similar topics he wants to share his opinion on.

What I really love about this picture-  I have once been to Luss, Scotland standing at the „Bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond“ – a seagull flying Above my head. I intended to take a very similar photo but my telephoto lens wasn’t good enough.

Thanks to Chittaranjan S Shetty I could at least sketch a similar and beautiful scenery.

The Great Dane

My next sketch was a was a really new experience for me. Some of you might notice I am drawing and selling drawn portraits on Etsy. So I often draw dogs but never ever sketch one until now. This beautiful Great Dane is called Addie and belongs to Kelli from Daily life of Denley.

Kelli covers everything from fashion, books, travel, day to day lifestyle, makeup & beauty, with a splash of fitness & cooking with her blog. She also loves to show pictures of her pets as she is a proud fur mom as she says herself.

What I still remember is a chat in the comment section under one of her posts where she wrote about her age – real age and her felt age.“ I’m 22 years old, but most days I feel 35“. It is quite interesting that I used to feel the same way when I was 22. I had a lot of strange interests like going to galleries studying paintings of the old masters or knitting socks while others went out to party.

But it is also quite interesting reading Kelli’s statement because I am 35 this year in November- and nowadays I am feeling like other people catching up while I am not ageing anymore. Thanks to Kelli for taking part.

Summer days in Berlin

The last picture for today comes from Berlin- and was taken by Andrea for her blog Lifestylepotpourri. As you know I have been twice to Berlin as a tourist this year and wrote two posts about Madame Tussaud and Tristan. Andrea lives in Berlin and so this picture is of the tourist track. I really love this picture of a Swan family. It even makes me wonder if I ever saw a swan in Berlin – you know I am visiting Berlin once or twice a year. Most of the time I am overwhelmed by the urban jungle so I did not take the time watching out for such peaceful sceneries. So a large thank to Andrea for showing me.

animal friends

What do you think about my sketches? Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

Here you will find the dates for the next post of #borrowedmemories.

Please also read my first article of the series – „Back in the UK“

Sharing is caring - Thank you in advance.

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