Back in the UK

Back in the UK

So here it is – my first post on borrowed memories, a blog parade I started in August. I asked fellow bloggers to lend me their memories for sketching as I had to cancel a trip I had planned for that month.

Why is this post called “Back to the UK”? The UK has always been a special place to me. As my family had some relatives nearby London we have been there since I was about 2 years old. And it was always my favourite country for travel and even living for some short periods in my youth. Since I was 10 years my parents travelled 3 times a year – while we spent every summer for at least 3 weeks in Scotland (except one year when we stayed in Wales and made a day trip to Ireland) we used the Eastern and autumn holidays to visit Kent or Cornwall.

Though my favourite place is Scotland I gladly and cheerly remember the times I travelled alone. I stayed with guest families in Ramsgate and Torquay. When I have been to my guest family in Kent I even played a concert with the band of my exchange partner by sight on the clarinet.

So I picked for this very first post some things reminding me to holidays in Great Britain. Though not every post I present here is about the UK I chose this title because it reminds me of another thing of my past. For a very short time I listened to the music of Scooter and loved the song Back In the UK – just for fun here is the link and I cannot stop laughing at myself hearing to this kind of music.


– a blog post by Rachel on Scrapbook Adventures

Rachel’s blog description makes me so curious- as the name of the blog might suggest Rachel loves doing scrapbook – a technique I really admire but scrapbooking is not for me. As it is a quite expensive hobby Rachel decided on having an online scrapbook in form of her blog. There she writes about her travelling adventures. Rachel lives in Cornwall – I lived in Cornwall myself for a very short period when visiting a summer school in Torquay so the beautiful pictures Rachel shows on her blog just remind me of a beautiful summer.

I decided on her post about Cotehele. As I have been there with my parents during my first stay in Cornwall. So this borrowed memory even becomes a shared memory. Thank you a lot, Rachel.

Exploring Europe

As mentioned above I travelled a lot with my parents in my youth. And even now we often travel together. Like in October 2015 when my small family and my parents travelled to Calella Costa Brava. There we played with our band at the 28th Calella Octoberfest. My parents and I still playing together in a band and we will repeat this in two weeks when we will travel to Calella again to join the 30th Calella Octoberfest.

So my relationship with my parents is very close but as I am the youngest child my mum is not as up-to-date with the digitalization. I am pretty sure she does not even know this blog and as I am quite busy I must admit I did not show her either.

Therefore I really love the idea behind the next blog. Jaimees Welt is a blog Jana writes together with her daughter Aimee. They write about very interesting topics like DIY, crafting, product test and travelling. Together the two of them are exploring Europe – and they have been to England. I decided to combine two pictures of the collage they did for their travel. I really like the picture of a girl running over an open field in summer. And I had to pick up the peacock because it connects the first sketches of Cotele to the following topic.

Thanks to Jana and Aimee for participating. I really like the idea of your blog and I hope that one of my sons would like to join me blogging later on too.

Tea Time

And what do most people (or at least people in Germany) associate with British lifestyle? Teatime, of course. Tea is definitely my choice when I want to enjoy sitting down. But as drinking tea is kind of a ritual to me I prefer the coffee at work. Because coffee has a lack of style in my eyes.

Furthermore, I am really proud that I inherited the rest of the Ridgway Windsor China in blue of my beloved great aunt. The rest of my family wanted to throw it away as it is really used and broken. But I love this china so much.

And this is why I picked a picture of a china teacup with blue paintings from Malini’s blog Lakes and Lattes. Malini blogs about travelling and food which is a great combination in my eyes. And there are so many gorgeous travel pictures on her blog that I could not decide which one. So I let my heart decide and took this beautiful teacup.

back in the UK

Malini’s post is about Ireland – so it does not really fit my post’s title. And I guess Irish people will even be angry with me. I would like to apologize. As I mentioned above the title refers to memories of my own youth. And a catchy song I listened back then.

Thanks to all participants for borrowing me some further memories to complete my own.

You can find the dates for next release of sketches here. You are also welcome to leave me a feedback to my work or your own memories on Great Britain in the comments below.

Sharing is caring - Thank you in advance.

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What a lovely sketch! Thank you for the kind words and for reading my blog!


thats amazing, i bet you had great memories when you was 2 years!

R. Alexandria

Love the drawings! Octoberfest is definitely on my bucket list.


I love the idea of your blog, and the posts are so unique and amazing! You’re drawings/paintings are so lovely, and I can fully see all the detail and time that goes into them. I study and create art too!


Beautiful sketches and i love the stories behind them. Really makes them personal. You’re very talented


You are very talented! Bravo! Love your sketches!