Borrowed Memories – the participants

and my tools for doing sketches

My first blog parade #borrowedmemories is closed for new entries and now my work with the sketches begins now. I must apologize I did not start right away – I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of entries.


to 22 participants from all over the world. Thanks for gorgeous posts and beautiful pictures from different niches. Before I will continue this post with a time table when I will post the sketches I want to show you what I am taking with me for doing travel sketches.


So what do I take with me for sketching on the go? First of all, I take my sketch book with me. At the moment I use a small watercolour book like this.

  1. a watercolor field box

    And I use a very small field box like the Cotman Mini Plus. As you can see I am a bit messy while mixing the colours because I often blend directly in the pans. This is quite ok if you have the time to clean while painting (to see what colour you are actually using). But for quick sketches, it is rather obstructive.

For quick sketches, I prefer the line and colour method. This is a common method to sketch first with a fine black felt marker. The marker needs to be waterproof. After that, you colour in everything with your watercolour. In the past, I often used a ball pen because I am always forgetting a proper marker. A ball pen works just as fine and you will likely get one in your hotel room anyway. But I just bought myself a new marker set for sketching which will accompany me on my travels from now on.

2. a black marker set

So these are my new markers – the Pigma Mikron markers for urban sketching. I bought them in a set of 6 from 0,2mm to 0,5mm line.

3. watercolour markers

As said above my field box is not always the best for quick sketching. Especially when my family does not have the time to wait or I want to do a very quick sketch I like to use my watercolour markers. The colour palette is the one I use for landscapes as well – if I need more colours I can combine them with the colours of my field box. The markers can be used without water in the first step. Hence I can add the colours I need quickly on the go and use water later on in my hotel room or at home to get the effects I want. This makes them really good for travel or urban sketching.

4. water brushes

Next topic when doing watercolour sketching on the go is where to get the water from. Normal brushes are available as travel brushes but you will still need a water tank. My solution is refillable water brushes. They are easy to clean with water afterwards and you can fill them with water. So no need to carry an extra water bottle around while travelling.

5. clamps

Especially when you travel during windy weather clamps are necessary. Always be sure to have some with you.

So this is the things I use for sketching while travelling. Are there any urban sketchers among my readers? What do you use? Anything I forgot or I should give a try?


Blog post schedule for #borrowedmemories

I will stop writing now and give you a sneak preview when I will publish the sketches I did from the blog posts of fellow bloggers.

17.09.2017 – Back in the UK


Rachel from Scrapbook Adventures

Jana from Jaimees Welt

Malini from Lakes and Lattes

24.09.2017 – Animal Friends


Chittaranjan S Shetty from Curious Point

Kelli from Daily life of Denley

Andrea from Lifestyle Potpourri

22.10.2017 – Fashion and more


Julia from Adorable Stitches

Marianne from Haute and Comely

Mandeep Singh from gaygoat_com

29.10.2017 – So delicious


Daniela from Dulce & Natural

Chloe from Pinkiebag

05.11.2017 – Find your fit


Nikita from The Path provides

Callum from Lad’s life

12.11.2017 – Wild nature


Andrea from Naturfreundin

Claudia from Schreibabenteuer

Kobby from Thinking yellow

19.11.2017 – Von der Waterkant (German for “from the seaside”)


Lubo from Lubo unterwegs

Doris from Meine Sicht der Welt

Cath from Possess the world

26.11.2017 – Beautiful sights


Sarah from Raising human beans

Mehak from Jovial Dove

Vox from Prejippie

I hope I did not miss anyone. I am looking forward to doing a lot of sketches now and get interesting response and articles about my work from my dear fellow bloggers.

Best regards,


Sharing is caring - Thank you in advance.

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I can’t wait to see what you create!


Such lovely images can’t wait to see what you have up our sleeve 🙂


Lovely. love the way use your imagination and color.Looking forward to the rest and much more.


Thank you so much for including us, I am so excited to see and share your work. I truly think this is the best idea I have seen since I started my blogging journey. Thank you for being so kind and sharing your talents.


I really like your artworks, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you make from my website. Thanks!!