Borrowed memories – my first blog parade

A few months ago I commented on a post on DerStigler about photography that I would like to borrow me some of the photos to turn them into sketches.

As I did a sketch and a small watercolor painting this week the wonderful idea to turn this into my very first blog parade came to my mind. So here we go

Borrowed memories

First of all I do not know if the term blog parade is used equally in English like in German. A blog parade is a series written by different bloggers on call of another blogger. So the organizing blogger writes a first post where he describes the topic. Than he asks other bloggers to write their own blogpost and set the link to the post into the comments. As my blog is not only about writing but a lot about pictures this blog parade will work slightly different.

Life is what happens while making plans

If you read my blog regularly you will know my travel sketches. I try to take sketches whenever I go on a journey or even a day trip. My next trip was planned for August. Since last year I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to go on a trip with a good friend of mine – girls trip without the family. We could make out where to go yet. So we planned taking whatever meets our budget. We checked offers and I think it would have been Dublin, Rome or Amsterdam. But life is what happen while you are making plans. Our bosses just changed either the shift plan or scheduled an urgent meeting. So my friend and I now do not have free days in August together. We will go on a trip next year in March.

Therefore I am running out of sketches to show here at the moment. Our next big family trip with the family will be in Oktober to Calella. So perfect time to borrow some memories. I asked in my favorite blogging group on Facebook if this even is interesting. And I got very positiv feedback. My first thought was to ask for travel bloggers but there were also food bloggers and other interested bloggers. So I decided to open this parade for every blogger.

How to participate

  • You will need a blog or as an alternative an instagram account or facebook page to take part. To take part please share the link to your blogpost with beautiful pictures you want me to sketch. Please send me your link and an email address.
  • I will do one sketch or another kind of artwork for each participating blog and post the results in a series of blogposts. Then I will do this as a series and will use 3-5 sketches for one post. I will link it to the blog where the photo came from and tell something about the picture.
  • After posting your sketch I will send you a digital copy of the artwork. Please write a blogpost using this sketch and link it to my post with your picture. Write something about this blogparade, your picture and my work.
  • You are also welcome to share my work on social media – but please link my profiles (Twitter & Instagram @KeyaDesign, Facebook & Pinterest KeyasDesign).
  • Let’s use the hashtag #borrowedmemories for this blogparade all together.
  • You may share your link in the comments below to participate until 31.08.2017.
  • Sharing is caring – if you know other bloggers who might be interested please feel free to share this post.

And now I am really excited what might come – travel, food, SEO, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and all other kind of bloggers are welcome.

Victoria Street – Edinburgh – buy your print at zazzle *affiliate link* (click on the picture)

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Sharing is caring - Thank you in advance.

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I love this initiative! it is so highly interactive … I’d love to do something similar but with food….hmmm. In the meantime, I’d like to suggest my blog:

You are welcome to choose any photo. Here are some ideas:
Teaching my Belgian friend how to make Belgian waffles in Madrid.
Getting ready for a road trip to Portugal.


I love your work and this idea. Very happy to follow along on all SM. Please choose any photo you like.

Will send you my email address privately

Good luck, can’t wait to see the gallery at the end


I have never heard of this kind of thing before, but it sounds like fun. Here’s my link:

I will gladly give you credit for anything you contribute to my blog!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks and I can’t wait!


Hi, I’ve never heard of this idea before but what a great way for bloggers to be interactive with each other. Loving your sketches.


A great concept, thanks for sharing.

Chittaranjan Shetty

Cool initiative My site is I have a Photoblog section in it. you can choose any picture of it for your work. Contact info is in my about section. Do let me know


Your sketches are beautiful and quirky! I will defo think about sharing my blog and instagram with you when I have more content on it fro you to choose from should you want to sketch something!

Mary Osadolor

This sounds very interesting, though my 1st time of hearing about it. I must not also fail to mention that your sketches are absolutely spectacular.


I love this idea! I wish I had the talent / patience to sit down and create something beautiful like that, alas, I do not. So I’ll just sit here admiring yours! 🙂


You should sketch my apartment. It’s


I love your sketches so much!! They are gorgeous!!!


Oh that sounds cool! I’ve never heard of a blog parade!


Enjoyable read!


Interesting idea! I love it and would really like to participate but my blog it’s really about pictures and graphics but if you can do something with mine, i will be glad to write and inspirational article on it.


This is such an amazing idea ! Definitely can’t wait to see what the results will be !


Amazing! I’m interested- I have a food and travel blog!


I’ve been blogging 6yrs and never heard of it,wow very nice idea. I wish to join this parade. Use any photo you desire


Perfect I would love this!!


I would love to participate!


Amazing Sketches… You are a gifted person.. Will look forward for joining with your initiative