#TBT – my final exam in fashion design

Arctic Tale – an autumn/winter collection for babies and toddlers

As I post new content regualary every Sunday and Thursday why not take part at #TBT? Today I want to refer to my final exam in fashion design. I had postponed my exam for one year because I gave birth to my oldest son first. So my new inspiration was this tiny new soul and my new role as a mother. Therefore one question in developing childrens clothing was about practical use. How to make babies clothing support parents in daily life?

I was influenced by my own experiences – and maybe the experiences of many working moms around the world. Everybody is talking about parents sharing the education (which basically means to take care of in the first three years) of their children. But I realised that my husband had some problems most women do not have. Especially relevant were the tiny sleeves which made it quite difficult for my husband to dress our son. So my whole collection was made of pieces that face those problems. Trousers that grow with your children and can be worn 1-2 years, bodysuits and shirts with sleeves that can be opened by buttonbars in the seams. All clothes were made of organic cotton or wool handmade by local spinning mills.

The problem about my collection was that my academy did not have a plan B for a collection which cannot be presented by an fashion show on the catwalk. So I made up a very tiny video clip myself – it is not the qualitiy I would have done if I had done it for a real presentation but it is all I have. My plan was to take photos with a close friend of mine Danny Tristan who also is a brilliant film director. I hope we will work together in the future because I think the result would have been stunning. But there was no possibility to show a video during the show anyway.

Relaunch of my favorite pieces

When I launched my own small label I relaunched my favorite two pieces of my collection. Both are still availabe in my shop. Please click on the picture to get directly to the articles. One of my favorite pieces is the knitted waistcoat. It is very stretchy and my son wore several years. The second Piece I relaunched was the bodysuit Robin. The schmocking at the collar of the bodysuit shows perfectly one idea of my collection. As printings on children’s clothing often contains harmful substances I wanted to use old techniques to decorate my collection.

Arctic Tale

Arctic Tale

The bodysuit was in the first draw a shortsleeve wrap body with a turtleneck collar. As the collar is just a stylish detail but makes the result more expensive as the wrap pattern does I decided to relaunch the body as a normal bodysuit. Still handcrafting has it’s price anyway. But I got a commission to sew the original Robin pattern in December 2016 by a very dear customer who values handcrafted pieces a lot. And the lovely sun yellow color is the right thing for a gloomy winter’s day, isn’t it? If you are interested in having your own Robin or a knitted waistcoat please feel free to contact me. What are your memories for throw back thursday? Do you show some of old your old works, posts or pictures on #TBT? Please feel free to comment or share your link below.

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These pieces are adorable! Well done. Wish my nephews were still tiny enough to wear them, but I love the concept of clothes that can grow with the child. I spent way too much money buying them new clothes are they practically grew out of them faster than they were produced.


Nice article


Nice post!
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Haute and Comely

So cute, I love the pieces, so different from the same old ones in the shops. That little grey knitted vest and the turtle neck playsuit are totally adorable. You made me broody Keya, stop it.:)


these designs are so cute!


This is so great! I work with babies in daycare and I come across some difficult clothing myself. Very Well done!


Kawaii ur talented

Trupti Bhatt

You collection for little ones is really adorable. I liked the knitted waistcoat.


I do love the idea of baby clothing, like your trousers that “grow” with the baby