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Beginning of summer holidays – projects for my fortnight leave

Summer holidays in Lower Saxony begin today and so I have a leave for a fortnight as well. Of course I will spend most of the time with my family. But I have a few projects on mind and now is a good time getting started with them. Sometimes it is like postponing all big projects to the holidays because I do not want to start in the few hours after work. I enjoy having the time to work the whole day on creative stuff.

First of all I have a new laptop which means I have to clean up my old IMac. Therefore I have installed the pattern making software Valentina. I am very excited to give this open source software a try. I did not buy a CAD software for metric pattern making by now because they are quite expensive (at least three times more expensive than Photoshop was before the days of Adobe Creative Cloud). So until now I did my patterns with Adobe Illustrator which works pretty well. Valentina comes in different languages and video tutorials.

Screenshot of Valentina


But what are projects for testing the possibilities of Valentina? I have some fabrics for summer clothing prototypes I wanted to have sewn in the last two years. And I also want to start a cosplay project for myself based on Assassins Creed Black Flag. Which leads to the next project – the game plays in the times of the golden age of piracy. I still have some books about historic pattern cutting for ladies clothing and corsets. The patterns of both books are reconstructions of historic garments. So I will have to adjust or contruct these patterns to my own measures.

Next thing I have planned is to work more on abstract painting. Most of my works are photorealistic. But for developing technical skills and creativity abstract painting is a good way. For inspiration my older son wants to spend some time in an art exhibition with me. I do not know where we will go right now but I will write a blog post on the exhibition we visited.

What are your plans for summer holidays? Do you have some special things you do not have the time for while working in your daily job?

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It’s good that you plan on doing things in your holiday time. I am going to see family as well. Havent planned the ret of my time but maybe some blogging and crafting. Enjoy your time off!