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Menu planning made easy

I wrote about my #commandcentre for my creative work before but to organize your work it needs to organize your every day life as well. As you might know I am a mother of two lovely sons aged 8 and 2 years. Both my husband and I work full time so we have a warm meal for diner together.

The next complicated thing about our meals is that I am vegan while my three boys (as I call my husband and the children) are not. S0 I started few years ago to plan our meals. I used the printable at organized It took me about 1-2 hours to plan the menu and write a list for the grocery stores.

Despite this careful planning at least one of three had some complaints about every single meal. Before the youngest child was born my great son used to cook with me.  So this was when life was easy and my son ate every vegetable we cooked together. Nowadays the children play together before diner while one of us parents (most of the times me) prepare dinner. My older son now avoids contact to most of all vegetables as most children of his age do. While my younger son enjoys every food he can hold in his hands.

More involvement please

So how can I just involve the three boys more in planning and reduce the work for me? I saw this idea first time in a Facebook group of mothers I guess. And I saw it again while doing my research for my command centre (you can find my pinterest board on this topic here). A board with clips and cards with the family’ s favorite dishes on it. So the menu plan for the following week can be made up very easy. Just put one card on every clip. But what to do with new recipes? I decided to make my board a bit more versatile. The back of the board is painted with table color so the board can also be used as a chalk board. We decided to try at least one new recipe every week and write it next to the days clip with chalk. Afterwards we decide whether this recipe gets a card of its own or if we did not like it.

What’s next?

Next step is to create a cook book for all our favorite recipes. So my boys can cook for me. If you decide on making your own menu planner you will find the materials in a DIY or crafting supply store. I got mine from a crafting supply wholesale VBS hobby but I found out that chalky colors are more cheap at our local DIY store.

What do you think about this idea? Do you use a menu planning tool? How do you organize your daily life?

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thanks for sharing it. great tip!

Haute and Comely

hi, lovely post.. This strategy is quite easy I must say. I’m glad that I found it. I’m subbed!