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Making- Of Show “The Three Musketeers” at Filmpark Babelsberg

As said before in my post about my sketchbook dilemma I bought a new sketchbook and a watercolor field box for traveling at Gerstaecker. It is my favorite wholesale shop for artist supplies as they have listed the watercolor of Winsor & Newton. Unfortunately Gerstaecker delivers with DPD which is my least favorite delivery service. Since I cannot remember DPD to deliver a package to my door (because they do not take the time to use the door bell) instead of the nearest DPS shop I did not expect to receive the goods before the trip to Potsdam and Berlin.

Therefore I was excited as DPD send me an email that I will receive my package on the Wednesday before our travel. But that did not happen as DPD delivered to a complete different address. Do you know these moments when you are asking yourself how the hell some mistakes could even happen?

So we headed of to Potsdam and Berlin without my traveling sketchbook and my field box. But I wanted to save the memories in forms of sketches. As it took DPD three further tries to find my address I can now start sketching and trying the Cotman field box (I decided on the less expensive colors for travel). But now back to the topic. What would be a better motive for the first sketch of a travel book than a ship?

First stop – Filmpark Babelsberg

Our first stop on our trip was the Filmpark Babelsberg. The Fimpark is placed next to the Studio Babelsberg which is the oldest large-scale film studio in the world producing films since 1912. Today it is the biggest film studio in Europe by square metres of the area. Nowadays it is mainly active in feature film productions or as co-producer of international high budget productions.

One of these international productions was “The Three Musketeers” released in 2011. My husband and I saw the movie “by accident” in cinemas. It was one of this evenings when we had time to go to the cinema because our son stayed with my parents. But when parents have time for the cinema there is no film in cinema absolutely worth seeing in cinema. We could have chosen any other film that was shown that evening. But it happened that we enjoyed this film. Despite the worse critics I really enjoyed the film – I liked the idea of the flying ships – steampunked sailing ships are really inspiring stuff I think.

I have been to the Filmpark with my parents a few years after the German reunification. Since I enjoyed that trip very much I loved to show this place to my children – and was curious to see what happened there since my childhood. The Filmpark now shows 4 shows a day each about another topic. As we arrived quite late (3 hours before closing) we just saw the last of these shows. Which happened to be the “Three Musketeer”- Show. So now we saw the making-of by accident. When you are looking for a family day beside normal theme parks the Filmpark Babelsberg is a place to go.

More sketches and informations about the location we traveled will follow in the next posts.

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Sounds Interesting! Flying ships! I am looking forward to your next post!


Your sketches are beautiful


Beautiful sketches! You are very talented


Oh how annoying that you didn’t receive your sketch book. I love that you draw to capture memories I wish that I could. The sketch is fab. I hope to see more soon.


I love your sketches!!


This is interesting and I really love your sketches