A tidy house, a tidy mind

Organization is half the battle

As promised in my article The sketchbook project I researched ways to organize my sketches outside a hardcover sketchbook. A tidy house (or desk in this case), a tidy mind. On pinterest I found an interesting idea called “command centre” which is ought to organize the family life. I started collecting the ideas on my very on pinterest board – just follow the link and you will see my pins.

Basically a command centre contains all the stuff one uses for self- organization anyway. A weekly menu, ToDo- lists, file baskets for sheets of paper, weekly plans, keys, calendars, shopping lists and everything else you need. But instead of having everything at another place in the household a command centre combines everything at one wall in a very beautiful and decorative way. Most of the ideas are DIY – made of things you can most likely buy at IKEA or similar shops.

Planning my command centre

I still have an empty space behind my desks where I wanted to place a white board – so I will have my very own command centre for my creative business. But what components will I need in order to organize my business? And do I have any special requirements for the elements?

So first step is making a short list of the needed elements:

  • a calendar
  • my schedule/ article planning for this blog
  • a To-Do-List
  • a pinboard
  • vertical filing baskets for drawings and magazine pages
  • a board for daily routines
  • a shelve for office supplies

draft of my command centre

Have I any special requirements to the elements?

  • The calendar is basically just for scheduling articles and for overview of holidays and so on. My dates will still be collected at our family organizer. So the calendar on a clipboard or in a frame will do it.
  • The schedule will be updated at least once a week so it would not be wise to have it in a frame. Maybe a chalk or white board with the days of the week will be perfect just to have the next to articles coming up in mind. Or maybe combine it with the To-Do-List?
  • The pinboard does not need to be very large. I just want a place were I can put the last idea I would like to work on in sight.
  • Often these vertical filing baskets are used for the command centers on pinterest. I like them but I would prefer if these would work like these toilet bags you can hang up – so I can take my actual projects with me
  • A board for daily routines as I can forget everything while working
  • My office supply stand are stored on my desk at the moment

So here is my sketch how I would like to organize my workspace. Now I will see where I can get the materials from to start with it.


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