Blogparade: 3 things I would have liked to know before getting started

Blogparade: 3 things I would have liked to know before I started blogging

I found an interesting blog parade on blogmojo and I would like to share my 3 things I would like to have known right from the start. You will find a summary of all things mentioned by participating authors on blogmojo afterwards. So I think I will learn a lot put of this output.

I am a blogger quite a little while now although the feed of this blog is not that long. I started with the Blog Hildesheim vegan which was a project together with a former friend of mine. Since both of us were very naive about managing a common blog project the division of work did not work. Therefore I had to end the collaboration. In the meantime my fellow blogger just deleted the whole blog.

Meanwhile my own website always had a blog I just used as a newsfeed first. But as Hildesheim vegan got more and more follower I realized I cold use the blog as a traffic source for my artist page. Yet I never managed this in the past. In my parental leave I had a private project My vegan vintage life which found as easy followers as Hildesheim vegan. So what did I learned from that experience?

What would have helped me to know from the start?

  1. The common thread – this is very important. A blog with a precisely defined topic will find it’s followers easier than a wild bunch of different topics. Therefore my private blogs both reached people more easily. My vegan vintage life was a blog about lifting a vintage lifestyle in a vegan way and was about beauty, hairstyles and clothing. Hildesheim vegan was about cooking and eating vegan in the hometown of my fellow blogger and me – but as a traditional foodblog with lots of recipes it reached people all over the world. Blogging about my creative work is sometimes difficult- because I am quite versatile. So how to find that common thread? Time will show.
  2. The planning and scheduling thing – Take your time and sit down for writing a plan.The common thread of your blog, a list of topic you can write about, how often you want to publish new posts. Make a list with topics and plan your articles ahead. This will make you able to schedule articles when you go on holidays. Especially if you are writing your blog together with someone plan who will write at what time. This is why Hildesheim vegan truly broke down. My fellow blogger and I started the blog just for fun. Since we managed and wrote the student magazine at our former school together we thought it would be easy going. Guess what it was not. I felt responsible for the blog all the time. For longer periods I wrote articles at least twice a week in order to publish regularly. And with the blog the friendship ended as well – or I realized that a true friend would not have let me down like this. The struggle for some structure is always near when you are working creative – I will write more about planning my work in my blog serie creative struggle.
  3. – do you know that tool already? Sure, you can post automatically via wordpress on the main social media like facebook, google+, twitter and tumblr. But if you post own artwork instagram and pinterest are extremely important to – allows you to create recipes to connect all your social medias very effectively. When I started blogging, I alway shared all the things manually.

So these are the things I would like to have known right from the start. I left out common things like the difference between and – I guess you will learn about the difference by other bloggers. I am quite curious about the summary of all things mentioned within this blog parade. What were the 3 things you would like to have known in the beginning of your blog?

3 things to know before the start

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