Captain of the Aquila – yet another AC cosplay

Connor Kenway – Captain of the Aquila

“How about masquerading as cowboy or indian?” – when you are saying that to your 4 year old son just before carnival you probably think of some films like Lucky Luke or Pocahontas. “Ok, the one of Assassins Creed 3 but not his everyday outfit. I want the captain’s uniform!” As written in the article about my Ezio Auditore cosplay before my son has his very unique taste.

As said before I love the Assassins Creed games. But while the parts with Ezio were more about the story this part got a bit lost in AC3. I think there had have been more potential in the character development of Connor in this game. Most noteworthy about the game are the parts were Connor is trained in navigation on the Aquila an old brig. After this training and completing the initial missions the player receives a special captains uniform. Since my brother was an navigator I love maritime uniforms and had a screensaver of Connor in this uniform while playing the game. My son again seems to share his mother’s preferences.

Tricorn –  millinery for beginners

Most of all the uniform has not the typical hood as typical for the AC series. Connor wears a tricorn which was a characteristic headpiece at the time the plot is set. Although I have a few books and patterns on millinery my knowledge is more theoretical. So this was my very first hat I made. I used cotton twill in navy bought at Rijs Textiles. Since cotton twill looks like a classic woolen fabric but is easier to work with it is perfect for projects likes this.

While ordering the material for the costume I accidentally forgot to buy white buttons for the front button bar. So I fixed it with a posament closure which I made of the same material as the jacket. The feathers were given by the duck of a good friend – no animals were harmed for this costume. At least the Tomahawk were bought in a toy shop and decorated with feathers. But my son was not allowed to take it with him in the kindergarten.

The last three years have not been that spectacular concerning the costumes – we had Michelangelo (TMNT), followed by Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park, which was just jeans, a plaid shirt  and a head, but the character choice again is outstanding) and Batman this year in February. Therefore I am very lucky his choice for next year gives me a bit more work again.


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