The sketchbook project

The thing with the sketchbook

is that I have more than one sketchbook. Most of the times I draw on the next piece of paper that is at hand in that moment. Because ideas come to me while I am doing something else. So in the past I had scribblings for my exam on beer coasters. Why not other people create their tax declaration on coasters.

One problem about creative work is to structure the working process. One sketchbook for all ideas does not work well for me. All projects and topics are mixed up and sometimes I even write down my list for the next visit at the grocery store between them. So I have tried to have a small sketchbook for each topic I work on. This worked as I had all sketches for each topic together. But it turned out that it helps to choose the right sketches to place all sketches next to each other. This does not work for hardback sketchbooks.

Starting a traveling sketchbook

Another problem I have with those hardback sketchbooks – what to do with those sketches that went awfully wrong? Tear the page out – that will damage the whole book. Look at it and try to oversee it – I am not able to do that. Sounds crazy but I have ordered a new hardback sketchbook yesterday at my favorite art supplies wholesale. Because I want to train my self to work more focussed and precise right from the start. But I will use this sketchbook for just one topic – traveling. As I have an category traveling here in my blog I will take at least one sketch during a journey at least. And show them here to you. But back to the main topic.

Still searching the way out of that mess

Few years ago I thought working digital would offer a way out. It does not. Sure it helps as today I am collecting inspirations on my pinterest boards. But I still find pictures in magazines or in other printed media. Or I take a quick photograph with my smartphone. It need a lot of both structure and time to digitalize and collect everything at one place on your PC or dropbox. Therefore I have the same struggles in my digital devices by now.

I must admit I have still not found my way out of that mess. I started to collect loose paper such as invoices, all those invitations from school or kindergarten in a vertical filing basket – which helped a lot against huge piles of paper. Maybe I can use this for my sketches as well. I will research methods of structuring creative work and write about it here in the future. But maybe you have some interesting tips to start with? What worked out best for you? How to combine digital and real works?

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