Paw prints on your heart

Paw prints on your heart

She came into your heart one day,

So beautiful and smart,

A dear and sweet companion,

You loved her from the start.

And though you knew the time would come,

When you would have to part,

She’ll never be forgotten,

She left paw prints on your heart.


Most times I draw pets on commission it is while they are still alive. In December 2016 I got a beautiful commission as a tribute to two pet that already left. My customer ordered this beautiful pictures as a gift for her parents whose cat was put down a few weeks earlier. Their dog had died several years ago.

Touching and challenging

I was very touched and honored to be trusted with that commission. If the photo of a pet still alive is not best quality you can easily ask the customer to send you a bunch of other photos in order to pick the best ones to catch the spirit of the pet in you drawing. But the families dog had died about more then ten years before. The only photo I could get was a copy of an old analog photograph which was pined to the fridge. My customer had to make the copy secretly with her mobile camera when she visited her parents.

The photograph of the cat was given to her by her mother when asked to show her favorite picture of the cat – both pictures were challenging to draw as they were both a bit blurred and it was difficult to see exact details – especially as the ordered format was 15,75 * 15,75 inches. Challenging but I learnt a lot. The results were stunning.

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