Tristan- Berlin bares teeth

Tristan- Berlin bares teeth

Tristan- Berlin bares teeth
Tristan Otto

One thing I like about being a mother is being send back to your childhood dreams by sharing them with your own children. My eldest son is a big fan of dinosaurs as I have been at the same age. And what is the best dinosaur ever- of course the T.Rex. One of my unfulfilled childhood dream was seeing an origin T.Rex fossil. Since there has been no T.Rex fossil in any museum in Germany it was not possible in my childhood.  Therefore it was obvious that we visited the exhibition “Tristan – Berlin bares teeth“.

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin shows this fossil since December 2015. So it still took us nearly a year to go there but we did it in January 2017. The skeleton is named after the first name of the two owner’s son – Tristan Otto. The fossil is lent to the museum for the next years for research.

I have to admit that I thought it would be nice to see the T.Rex. Further I expected that it’s size would be impressive although it seemed more a visit for the fun of my 7 year old boy.

Size does matter

Standing in front of a 12 metre long and 4 metre high skeleton is more than impressive. The skeleton has a deep black color which reminds of drawing charcoal. A replica of the head in a showcase make it possible to stand so to say face to face to Tristan. “It’s teeth were as big as a banana” How often did I hear that sentence before. Looking inside the mouth of a 2 metre long T.Rex head give you a better understanding of the meaning.

Tristan- Berlin bares teeth
Tristan bares teeth – illustration watercolor with pencil

In my studies of fashion design I had drawing lessons concentrating on physiques and proportions of human bodies. Therefore I often drawed human skeletons. The deep black color and this impressive head made me want to sit down and draw Tristan immediately. Probably I would have done so if I have not been there with my family and if it only were a bit more lighter. Tristans room is quite dark indeed – perfect for a dramatical atmosphere but it tired out the eyes very soon. Above you can see my illustration of Tristan which is therefore more bright and colorful.

Tristan- Berlin bares teeth

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