Inspiration during #droughtlander and homesickness No. 2

Anyone else suffering # droughtlander here?

Starting a new blog is like starting a drawing on a blank sheet of paper – one must carefully think about what to draw. So what should be the first topic in my new blog.

Something that is always on my mind. Also something I love and I miss. And something which has been an inspiration for me since I traveled there first time in my life when I was eleven years old. A good friend of mine wrote one day on her Facebook timeline: “always torn between wanderlust and homesickness”. Rather I would like to correct it in my case to “torn between homesickness No 1 and No 2”.

Well, I’ll have to explain that, I guess. I love the village I grew up. That is why I decided to stay all my life nearby and bought a house here 4 years ago. This is were I want my children to grow up, where my heart belongs. But my heart has kind of a second home – it is Scotland. I cannot explain it but traveling there the first time felt like “coming home” –  and still it does. Although I have been there 13 years ago for the last time I feel I what I call homesickness No 2 since then .

Inspiration for upcoming projects

So of course I watched “Outlander”, as I read the books before (the first at the age of 13) – but I fell in love with Scotland several years before I ever heard of Jamie and Claire. Hence I am not only suffering of #droughtlander at the moment.  Therefore I am starting to think about some projects including tartans and kilts. As an inspiration I just looked up pictures I took at “Dewar’s Mini Tattoo” during my last Scotland travel. Some of you might know, I am playing the clarinet myself for about 25 years now. Edinburgh Military tattoo is an unbelievable experience but being as close to the musicians as I have been at Dewar’s Mini Tattoo was an “once in a life time” experience to me.

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