Ezio Auditore da Firenze – or parenting done right

The youngest Ezio Auditore da Firenze ever seen

It is now even more than 4 years ago that my son chose his first costume for carnival. And his unusual choice clearly proofed that he is the son of his mother.

First of all – my husband and I like gaming. My husband loves the “Need for speed”- series while I am more into stealth action – one of my favorites has been the Assassins Creed series – and of course  Ezio Autitore has been my favorite assassin so far. But we are very careful to prevent our children from watching games that are not appropriate for their age. So my son did not know anything about this game or about the character he chose – he just saw the costume on the DVD case and fell in love immediately.

If he had been older my answer would maybe have been “Hold my beer” – you know, what I want to say, it was challenging for me to design a  cosplay costume for my 3 year old. One the one hand the costume needs to fit the requirements of a toddler. For example a 3 year old child wants to play in the costume all day. And for daycare a costume should not contain any pieces that possible can hurt anyone while playing. But on the other hand the outfit should be a good cosplay interpretation which is clearly recognizable.

Parenting done right?

Best thing ever were the reactions- most men recognized the cosplay, while most women asked if he is a prince (yes, mummy’s little prince, of course). But no one asked why a three year old wanted to be a character of a FSK 16 video game. To be honest I was prepared for disscussions on that topic.

So here you can see my version of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. I even won a cosplay competition of Ubisoft Germany with it – a day at the Role Play Convention Colonia for my husband and me. In nearest future I would like to do more cosplay – maybe even own characters. What do you think – what would you like to see? First will be a steampunk version of ghostbusters – again for my eldest son. Totally proud of him.

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Elegant Duchess

My kids are a bit older now so this took me back to the costume days! My version of a DIY costume was using purple fabric dye to color some shorts and painting my son’s body green because he wanted to be the Hulk. I think yours was a lot more labor intensive for sure but it turned out amazing.


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